Friday, April 10, 2009

New things, old things

So it's now week 4 of being unemployed. Awesome. Well, at least I'm getting unemployment. Wait, no, I'm not yet. I did call and manage to get through to someone who isn't a computer yesterday and discovered that I had some old claim open, and that's why I wasn't getting paid. So I got that cleared up, but did not get paid today, which I was hoping I would. Here's hoping for Monday.

I beat the new Prince of Persia last week on my PS3. I really liked the game, it had a good story and was sometimes relaxing to play. What I didn't like about the game, where some of the boss battles. Not the whole of the boss battles, some where really interesting, but the quick time button press actions of some of the boss battles ala God of War. Man, did some of those stupid quick time events piss me off. No matter how many times I did them, and memorized the pattern, I could never press the button fast enough. That, or the game was being a jew and just wanted to piss me off. All in all, loved the story, loved the art form, the acrobatics where fun to pull off (when you could get it lined up), and some of the fighting was fun. I wish I could have found more combos threw the game, but mainly stuck with one combo that seamed to work. But now I don't know what to do with the game, it really has no replay value, unless I want to spend $10 for the DLC epilogue. Problem with that is I heard it wasn't that great. You're still fighting the same boss over and over, and the quick time events are even harder, like taking a shotgun to the nut sack vs. a kick to the dick that was in the disc based game. Sorry, but I don't think I'm going to pay $10 for something that is going to frustrate and piss me off. Next up to finish, Dead Space.

Well, hopefully I'll play some Dead Space, if Guitar Hero:Metallica doesn't get in the way. Picked it up right when it came out, been having a lot of fun with it, besides the fact that my GH:WT guitar sucks. Some days it will act up, and some days it won't. When I strum down on the strum bar, it will sometimes register it as 2 strums and screw me up, especially on long notes. I've changed the batteries and re-synced it, but I found that if I strum up it doesn't do it. It's just unnatural for me to strum up, so I have to think about it, and then I miss notes. I was using my GH3 guitar for a little while, but I never like the way that guitar felt, so I stopped using it. The set list in the game is great, but short, and no Iron Maiden. Also, I don't see why they couldn't have put whole albums in the set list vs. just a couple tracks from their albums. I'd love to just have a library of Metallica albums to play through. That would be cool.

I got sick of my HTC Touch Pro, so I upgraded to a Blackberry Curve 8330.
Man, I need to get a better camera. Anyways, I never got what everyone saw in having a Blackberry. I just didn't get it, until I got one. Love it. It's light weight, nice size, nice resolution screen, the keys feel nice to type with, and the Blackberry OS is a lot faster than a Windows Mobile OS. There are some things I miss about not having a Windows OS, but there are also things I don't miss about it. I can't wait until Sprint gets the Blackberry Bold.

Tomorrow I'm heading to Lowell to fix my sisters boyfriends car. Should be fun, busted tie-rod (hopefully outer) on his Cougar. Should be like a mini-vacation. Get me out of Lansing for the night. Then Sunday on to Ionia for Easter Dinner. Should be fun.

I'm going to try for 1 to 2 blogs a week, since I have nothing better to do. I know I've said that before, but I'm gonna try and stick to it.

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